Food and Culture in Kenya

Food and Culture in Kenya

June 01, 2018

Interview with Kaluhi Adagala, award winning Kenyan food blogger


What are the most notable things that ​make​ Kenyan culture different​ from western culture in your opinion?

We have a very rooted sense of community that goes beyond blood ties. A child is literally raised by the whole community and everyone looks out for the good and well being of the other. We believe that the core of every human person, regardless of their ethnic, religious, economic or geographic background, deserves love,respect and dignity. The issue of discriminating or disliking someone who may be of a different race or skin tone is very alien and strange to us since we believe loving the other person, is loving yourself. And the opposite as well, hating the other person, is hating your self. And that in itself (hating others coz of where they come from) is self destructive.

What kinds of foods do Kenyan children like / what types of treats do they get (I've read that mango + spice is popular?)

Chapati is pretty popular among children. I would also say pilau, albeit a less spicy one is always a hit with children. For snacks, yes maembe pilipili (chili mango) is very popular for children and adults as well. Labania za maziwa (milk fudge) makes a really good sweet treat too including other sweets like Mabuyu, kashata etc.

What is your favorite easy to cook Kenyan dish for family gatherings?

Nyama Choma, specifically kuku choma

How important is food / meal time to Kenyans?

Meal time is a time to share experiences and make memories. Food is for nourishing our bodies but also, it is the best facilitator of conversation.

Similarities between kenyan and american children:

Unlimited, untamable hope and exponential drive to want to make the world better, greener, more inclusive, more loving.

What important things would you like people to know about Kenyan culture and the people?

Besides having the fastest people in the world, we are the most welcoming on the continent. We have indeed integrated alot of western influences into our culture, but we very proudly and fiercely guard, live and pass on the culture or our fore fathers to our children and their children.

We have 42 tribes in our country, and each person can speak their mother tongue fluently. Kenyans in general know at least three languages : We speak Swahili (our national language), English (the official language) and ones individual Tribal Tongue. Our National flower is the tropical orchid. Our national flag has three colors: Black- Representing the majestic ebony skin color of our people, Green- Representing the emerald landscapes of our nation, Red- To honor the blood shed our freedom fighters to ensure our freedom from our colonizers. White- to represent our peace we now have and enjoy

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About Kaluhi: Award winning Kenyan Food Blogger, lover of life, proud Kenyan, eternal foodie.

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