About Little Global Citizens

What We Believe

Fostering open-mindedness, compassion & global awareness in children has never been more important. We can do this by developing their understanding of the world and love for the people in it.

Why We Care

CoFounders, Tim Minnick & Akeelah Kuraishi, quit their advertising jobs, left their homes & went backpacking around the world for 13 months.

In order to to meet people & experience their lives, they bypassed the usual traveler routes, going far off the beaten path;  living with a secluded tribe in Laos, delving deep into the jungles of Borneo and trekking into remote regions of Burma.

Now as parents themselves, they want to instill in their own kids a love for travel, adventure, and most importantly, a respect for all people.

Little Global Citizens is the gift of experiencing the world, to their own children & to yours.



Akeelah Kuraishi, Co-Founder

Is: Former Advertising & Marketing executive, passionate World Traveler, Mum to 2 young sons.

Likes: Balinese silk scarves, mountain tops, roller-skating, supporting women

Dislikes: Overnight train journeys


Tim Minnick, Co-Founder

Is: Papa, Drummer, Photographer, Poor Fisherman, Always Hungry. 

Likes: Street Markets, Street Food, Street Musicians, The Tropics.

Dislikes: Yak Butter Tea



Crystal Gulakins, Educator Advisor

Crystal is a passionate Montessori educator, parent and avid traveler.

As Little Global Citizens’ Education Advisor, she plans the crafts & activities in each box to ensure it offers a well rounded, age-appropriate package that harnesses the most important skills your little one needs to grow and develop.

Crystal earned her degree degree in International Education from University of East London and completed her her Montessori training in London, England.

Crystal currently teaches 3-6yr olds at a Montessori school in Florida, where she lives with her husband & son.