A new country and its vibrant culture delivered to your child's door each month.

Designed by Experts

Each box is curated and designed with our Montessori Educator to build important, age appropriate skills for healthy, happy child development. We take pride in carefully researching each box, with input from native-born country experts. Designed for ages 3-7

What's Inside

  • Your Child’s Introduction to each country & their ‘new friend’ to guide them around it

  • Parents’ RockStar Guide, giving you the inside scoop on each country, it’s culture & the answers to lots of those “WHY” questions.

  • Carefully sourced book(s)

  • Toy or collectible

  • 2-4 hands on crafts to enjoy together (supplies & guide included)

  • 2-4 cultural activities including family games & musical activities (supplies & guide included)

  • Dinner Party Theme Night

  • Additional Music, Dance, Cultural resources online