- Jambo Bwana!  Click here
Released in 1982 by Them Mushrooms. The singer of the band was playing at tourist hotels in Kenya & overheard some tourists testing out their Swahili. He wrote a song which went double platinum and is probably the most popular Kenyan pop song in history. It's a testament to the spirit of the Kenyan people that the words are : "Hello Sir, How Are You? I am very fine. In our Kenya, you don't need to worry. Visitors are welcomed."
- Subtitle version of Jambo Bwana for singalong & translation Click Here
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Kaluhi's Kitchen, Kaluhi Adagala, Kenyan food blogger who contributed the recipe for this box Click here
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Chili Rosemary Chicken Mshikaki with Zesty Dania Dip Click here
Nyama Choma, the national dish of Kenya, literally translates to "grilled meat" Click here


- Montage of many different tribal traditional dances (watch for the kenyan flag shield at min 3:20)Check out the different clothing & hair styles of the people and look out for some beautiful Kangas! Click Here
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